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Welcome to a journey of genuine transformation as we uncover timeless insights into the human mind through the study of the "TRUE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY" found in the Bible and other inspired writings.

At Common Sense Psychology™, we seamlessly blend ageless wisdom with modern solutions for a more balanced and meaningful life.

We are committed to your well-being, offering safe, sensible, and simple strategies rooted in scientific foundations and Scriptural wisdom to ensure a credible and effective journey to mental wellness. We provide easy methods and techniques that help you navigate life’s challenges while fostering a solid foundation for building mental clarity and emotional harmony.

Join us at Common Sense Psychology™ for a rapid transformation using a unique Biblical escape route for breaking free from uncertainty and emotional stress to find freedom, improved relationships, new habits, and a balanced life.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7

Are you ready to embrace the wisdom of common sense on your path to sound mental health?

Your journey begins here.

Is This You?

  • Have you ever felt disconnected from God, yearning for a genuine spiritual experience?
  • Do you find yourself uncertain about the concept of “unconditional love” and wonder how to incorporate it into your life?
  • Have you experienced a sense of loss of control?
  • Have you wondered how we can become “children of one family” and respect the law of heaven, which is equality?
  • Have you ever been in a position where force, rather than gentleness, has shaped your interactions with others?
  • Do you struggle with a lack of willpower and a realization that a headstrong approach may not be serving you well?
  • Can you relate to the challenge of appreciating your uniqueness while respecting the individuality of others?
  • Have you ever felt a lack of gratitude for your blessings and a desire to cultivate a more appreciative heart?
  • Do you find it challenging to comprehend and hold esteem for yourself and others, wishing to demonstrate genuine respect in your interactions?
  • Do you feel like it’s your job to make decisions for others and determine the outcome of every situation?

If these sentiments resonate with you, you may be on a path of self-reflection and personal growth, seeking a deeper connection with spirituality and a harmonious relationship with yourself and those around you.


—a classic solution for unlocking the mysteries of the mind through a Biblical lens.

At its core, Common Sense Psychology™ is the groundbreaking study of the science of the mind, emphasizing that we, as created beings and unique individuals, possess free will and dignified God-given rights. Our transformative approach hinges on the recognition that genuine change is rooted in our dependence on a Source of Strength—God.

Introduced by Mrs. Lois Eggers, MA, MFCC, in 1962, Common Sense Psychology™ has been a guiding source of support for almost six decades. What sets us apart is our commitment to simplicity; we believe that the study of the mind should be easy to understand and accessible to all. Proven over 17 years within the prison system, our principles have showcased tangible results, illustrating the real impact on people’s lives.

Common Sense Psychology™ is distinguished by its open embrace of Jesus Christ’s “methods and techniques” as invaluable tools. Beyond a mere exploration, Common Sense Psychology™ is a true solution—a transformative journey where understanding the complexities of the mind goes hand in hand with personal and lasting change.

COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY™ teaches principles for a...

S ubmission

T hankfulness

R est In Faith

O ther’s Rights

N ew Life

G entleness

L ove

I ndividuality

F ree Will

E quality


Common Sense Psychology (CSP) stands out for its distinctive emphasis on the concept of the mind faculties.

  • The mind faculties are organs of ability or capacity within the brain itself.

  • A partial list of the mind faculties is the will, memory, perception, imagination, meditation, intuition, conscience, reason, desire, etc.

  • CSP has identified a total of 37 mind faculties.

  • Each of these mind faculties is independent and yet all are interrelated and interdependent.

  • It is of vital importance to good mental adjustment that the mind faculties be equally developed and exercised.

  • Instruction as to how this is possible is included in the CSP courses.

A Spotlight on Intuition: A Gift from God

Where did CSP begin?

COMMON SENSE PSYCHOLOGY™ traces its origins back to 1962 when Lois Eggers, its founder, began working in the California state prison system.

Mrs. Lois Eggers, Founder of CSP

Starting at the California Rehabilitation Center in Corona, she observed and practiced group therapy in the “therapeutic community.” Concerned about certain methods that seemed potentially harmful to inmates, such as group hypnotherapy and concepts of psychology centered around “feelings,” Mrs. Eggers embarked on a search for genuine psychological principles and effective counseling techniques.

Driven by her quest for truth, she delved into the Bible and studied the biographies of Jesus Christ to understand the methods used by “The Wonderful Counselor” (Is. 9:6). Implementing God’s principles in her counseling, she achieved remarkable results. Over the course of her tenure at various correctional facilities, including California Rehabilitation Center, the women’s prison in Frontera, and the men’s prison in Vacaville, Mrs. Eggers refined her counseling style, combining Christian concepts with a commitment to the separation of church and state.

Throughout her employment with the California Correctional Department, she honed her approach and documented her success. Presenting the principles of Common Sense Psychology™ during her 90-day counseling sessions at the Vacaville prison, she tracked the progress of the inmates even after their return to court for sentencing. Notably, her recidivism rate remained below 10%, a stark contrast to the 40%-60% rates observed among her colleagues.

In her final years at Vacaville, Lois Eggers earned an M.A. at Sonoma State University. Upon retiring from state employment in 1980, she leveraged her extensive experience and knowledge to establish a private counseling practice. Subsequently, she conducted seminars across the United States, Canada, and Europe, sharing her transformative body of knowledge rooted in Common Sense Psychology™. Countless individuals have experienced positive change by learning to alter their thinking and behaviors through this approach.

A Welcome From Kay (Eggers) White

What are people saying?

“I am having some “light-bulb moments”, or spiritual epiphanies, if you will, as I read these materials. It’s very healing. I am finding healing by simply reading it! My soul is discovering that maybe healing really IS possible for me thru Christ. That maybe I don’t have to be satisfied with the status quo. There have always been things about me that I just assumed I would never have peace about, traits that would never improve, even with God’s help. As I read, it’s like the Holy Spirit is right next to me, telling me that all of these promises, these principles, this *healing* is for me too, and nothing about me is a lost cause.”

Tricia Williams

Senior Editor

I was living with fear as a core motivation for some of the decisions in my life, and I was tired of it. Boxed in by my own expectations of myself and the lack of confidence in myself (trauma patterns), I really began to feel the need for a big change. Now, having begun to grasp the truth about my connection to God, I have found freedom in so many ways I never knew I needed! I am free because God created me as a “free moral agent”, and individual, capable of making my own choices with no strings attached. I have learned to love others and give them freedom too. Because life is about so much more than me. But I matter. And you, dear reader, do too.

Simone Farinholt


“Thank you for the excellent information given in a common sense manner and based on the Bible. This information I have badly needed. It gives me incentive to study further. How I wish mental health were covered this way in nursing schools!”

Nancy Watts

CSP Student

“I’m absolutely LOVING this course. Lois Eggers is a consummate educator and counselor. She is strong and clear in her understanding. I find I’ve moved from denial, guilt, and self-alienation to integrated meaning/God…. all in 2 lessons out of 11 of this first available course. Her 3 Natures concept has clarified a confusion I’ve had all my life and confirmed what I have known but seems little understood in the religious community at large, and that is that MIND/thoughts originate feelings, so go THERE for starters… as in “what are my beliefs/thinking…my “misunderstoods” that are keeping me from elevating in consciousness. She has named the most basic ideas of UPSET in the Human condition and carefully led me out of confusion to a kind of Freedom. She’s opened so many windows for me, so that now an ongoing flow of fresh air/Truth is flowing through me…I am bathed in it… I find Lois’ information and understanding invaluable. Thank you Lois, and all who are involved in sharing her with mankind at this important TIME.”

Clara Chapman


“This is the first time that I haven’t been completely turned off on the subject of mental health. My psychiatric affiliation was a traumatic experience. This class has given me a new insight in what God meant for us to be… what a relief to shed a great load.”

Jay Dee

CSP Student

“A most outstanding course. It has opened my eyes to the source of some life long problems and what to do about it. I appreciate the constant reference to the true Source of help.”

Ally A.

CSP Student

“It was a real privilege to take this course for it has met deep-felt needs.”

Ed Day

CSP Student

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